Louisville here we come….

After a completely hellacious 12 hour drive through the state of Missouri in a weather related state of emergency we had to cancel our first show ever last night due to a closed interstate. We hunkered down in Americas Best Value Inn in Mt. Vernon Illinois with a couple of cases of beer and embraced the fact that our van had not crashed. Our drive was filled with aggressive truck drivers, white knuckle passes, a constantly fishtailing equipment trailer, and at one point a near accident when the van got sideways after passing an ominous semi.
Today however, Mother Nature has blessed us with dry roads and reasonably clear skies. We have an hour drive to Louisville KY where we are playing the Hideaway Saloon this evening. Perhaps we will pass the time at either the Kentucky Derby grounds or the Louisville Slugger factory and museum. We play until 4am this evening, then a short bout of sleep before a 6 hour drive to Graceland tomorrow. YRAH…..


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