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New video! Studio recording from Immersive Studios ‘Round the Tree sessions!

This video was taken at Immersive studios in Boulder, CO as a part of ‘Round the Tree Sessions. The song Gimme will be featured on the upcoming album! A little sneak peak for you!

Gimme – West Water Outlaws from Immersive Records on Vimeo.

Album being Mixed by Justin Peacock and Mastered by Brian Gardner! (Grammy winner)

We are beyond excited to announce that Justin Peacock (Incubus, Counting Crows, Oasis, Megadeth, Bad Company, Cracker, John Mayer, The Fray) mixed our album and Grammy-winning mastering engineer Brian Gardner (Dave Matthews, David Bowie, Elton John, Dr.Dre, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Jackson, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Band, Van Halen, Willie Nelson, Rush) has just finished mastering the tracks!!WWO- 11-2 show poster-page-0

Live music video of “Something Wrong” from the upcoming CD release on 11/2!

This video was taken from the Fox Theatre on 4/27/13. Put together by our friends at Camera Speeds, INC. Thank you Kyle Woodiel and team! See you at the Fox Theatre on 11/2!!!

Arise Festival 8/14/13 – 8/18/13

We are performing at the inaugural ARISE Festival this summer, August 14-18, 2013 in Loveland, Colorado! We will be joining We will be joining Xavier Rudd, Michal Menert, Zap Mama, Freelance Whales, Gregory Alan Isakov, Midnite and more. Tickets on sale now!


Tour update

So just wanna run a quick update here. Louisville, KY: awesome city!! Had a lot of fun there with great people!! If you havent been there go down and say whats up to the awesome folks at hideaway saloon! they WILL drink with you.

Memphis was killer! Thanks so much to all my friends and family there for coming out and ragin it with us! I love y’all! “Rooker? Party of 50?” Thanks to buccaneers for having us. Definitely stayed out way to late that night with some friends. Happens every time.

Nashville was awesome! Exit-In will probably be the highlight venue of the tour. Huge stage where anyone who’s anyone has played. Not sure how we pulled that off… Thanks to ANTHONY BERNHAUSER and MATT NICHOLLS bands for playing with us. Those guys are REALLY cool and awesome musicians. Look for em back home in Boulder or when they come to visit or in a town near you. Seriously check em.

And finally preservation pub in Knoxville was awesome as usual!!! Thanks to the friendly staff there!
Managed to make some new friends and were looking forward to coming back soon! Hopefully we can stay longer next time. Knoxville is a great town!!

Having said that we are on the way to one of the most hoppin places down south: Charleston, SC!! Last time someone had to pull me out of a pool with less than the required amount of clothing cause I got disoriented due to too much time in the pool (that’s my story). Hope to see some people out there!!! We’re playing home team BBQ downtown tonight and Loggerheads tomorrow at folly beach!

Party on Wayne,

Louisville here we come….

After a completely hellacious 12 hour drive through the state of Missouri in a weather related state of emergency we had to cancel our first show ever last night due to a closed interstate. We hunkered down in Americas Best Value Inn in Mt. Vernon Illinois with a couple of cases of beer and embraced the fact that our van had not crashed. Our drive was filled with aggressive truck drivers, white knuckle passes, a constantly fishtailing equipment trailer, and at one point a near accident when the van got sideways after passing an ominous semi.
Today however, Mother Nature has blessed us with dry roads and reasonably clear skies. We have an hour drive to Louisville KY where we are playing the Hideaway Saloon this evening. Perhaps we will pass the time at either the Kentucky Derby grounds or the Louisville Slugger factory and museum. We play until 4am this evening, then a short bout of sleep before a 6 hour drive to Graceland tomorrow. YRAH…..


HOLY ICE!!!!!!

Holy crap on toast we are in the mother of all ice storms in Missouri. If you’re not familiar with ice storms imagine you walk outside into the seventh circle of hell (frozen lake of fire) and literally everything is coated in at least a half inch of ice. Yikes Driving to Lexington, KY slowly and carefully. We had the best time ever in Springfield at Nathan P Murphy’s last night!! It was awesome jamming with good friends for my birthday!!! Hope to go back soon!! Today is a good day for morning wild turkey if anyone’s down. If you or someone you know is drinking morning wild turkey shoot us a pic!! The van is boring :(